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Bahco Szerszámostáska Cipzár poliészter 450mm x 330mm x 210mm

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Product Image
Product Image
Gyártói szám:
Villanyszerelő szerszámtáska
Villanyszerelő szerszámkészlet
Táska típusa = Hátizsák
Anyag = Poliészter
Hossz = 450mm
Szélesség = 330mm
Magasság = 210mm
Vállpánt = Igen
Zár típusa = Cipzár

Bahco Professional Tools Backpack. The best way of storing and transporting tools is using specially designed bags that feature easy-access compartments in a variety of sizes and are made from extra-durable materials. The heavy-duty, Bahco backpack is made from a combination of 600 and 1680 denier polyester fabric materials to ensure safe and long life service. It has a lot to offer professionals with multiple internal pockets for an assortment of tools and accessories and comfortable adjustable shoulder straps for optimum weight distribution. The backpack also features a specially designed padded compartment for laptop or tablet. Reflective bands fitted at the front of the backpack ensure additional safety in a low light situation. Backpacks are available in two sizes: Small 3875-BP1 RS Stock no ; 788-3887 788-3887 Large 3875-BP2 RS Stock no ; 788-3896 788-3896 Features ; Benefits: Multiple inner compartments including a padded compartment for a laptop All-around polypropylene strap for maximum weight support Zip closed and secured by hard-wearing safety straps Quick release attachments External pockets Typical Application: Tool Bags and Tool Backpacks are commonly used by professionals or DIY enthusiast for storing and transporting the required equipment. Specially designed compartments and durable materials guarantee a safe and comfortable operation for a long period of time. These type of bags are usually used by: Plumbers Electricians Car mechanics Carpenters Builders Gas Engineers FAQs: Is this backpack weather-proof? This bag is made from a combination of 600 denier and 1680 denier polyester fabrics that guarantee a high level of water resistance. However, it doesn't mean the backpack is fully water protected and cannot be submerged. Is this backpack lockable? No, this backpack doesn't feature any locking mechanism Does this tool backpack come with a warranty? Yes, like all other Bahco products this bag comes with a standard manufacturer's warranty. NOTE: No Tools are supplied with this bag. Tools are shown for reference only.
További keresőfogalmak: Szerszámos hátizsák, hátizsák, 7883896, Szerszámok, Szerszámkészletek és szerszámtárolás, Szerszámtáskák, Bahco, 3875BP2
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